2018 - 2019 Coaching Staff

Houston Skyline Juniors

National Program


11 Royal

Alex Edwards
Remy Chin

12 Royal

Candice Fuchs
Shayne Haley

12 Black

Vallen Vaughan
Ashley McLenan

13 Royal

Kacie Street
Renee Tomko

13 Black

Jenissa Arrambide
Jami Douglas

14 Royal

Amanda Watts
Pam Mann

14 Black

Keke McCardell
Caitlin Paschal

15 Royal

Jen Woods
Mitch Woods

15 Black

Anya Smelek
Caitlin Germany

16 Royal

Todd Kolkhorst
Courtney Eckenrode

16 Black

Amy Houser
Nathan Burk

17 Royal

Ashley Williams
Sarah Afflerbaugh

17 Black

Alex Edwards
Cortney Warren

18 Royal

Kalani Rose
Keke McCardell

18 Black

Jonathan Robles
Lizzy Bache
* Coaching lineup decision subject to UIL rules

Elite Program


13 White

Jenna Jenkins

13 Silver

Jessica Jaramillo

14 White

Victoria Ammon

14 Silver

Alexis Beard

15 White

Blair Gillard

15 Silver

Camille Johnson

16 White

Carly Walsh

Roamer Coaches

Danielle Schultz
Heather Caffey
Heather McCowan
John Klanac
Kari Kirkpatrick
Megan Huff
Megan Patillo
Tiffany Chang
Zheng Xiang

Recruiting Coordinator

Jen Woods


Jen Woods
Mitch Woods

Assistant Director

Ashley Williams

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