Houston Skyline COVID-19 Statement

Updated on April 1st at 8:15 pm:

We are writing to provide additional updates, as all of us have become well-aware that this situation is fluid and things can change quickly. USA Volleyball has eliminated sanctioning for all USA Volleyball activities through April 30th, which includes practices and tournaments. Due to this, we will not be able to continue with these activities until mid-April. We will certainly miss getting in the gym with our teams during this time.

We will be watching things closely and as we get closer to 4/30, we will advise on practice schedules and any other adjustments. We will also know more as time passes on what options we have for making up tournaments, practices, etc. Schedules will be pushed back from the norm but again, none of us have all of the answers yet, so please hold off on these types of questions. We are constantly working on what next steps will be and evolving as planned next-steps get impacted further.

We are hopeful the steps everyone is taking will speed up the process of life returning to more normal for all. We are thinking of and praying for our entire Houston Skyline family during this time.

Thank you,

Houston Skyline Staff

GJNC Still On!

As of 03/21/2020, GJNC in Dallas is still scheduled for June 25 – July 04. 18s Nationals in Reno have been postponed to June 23-25th.

Re-Scheduled Qualifiers

18s Regionals in Houston – May 9-10th

Northern Lights in Minneapolis – May 15-17th

Show Me Weekend 1 (Ages 11s-14s) in Kansas City – May 16-18th

Mideast Weekend 1 (Ages 11s-14s, 15AS) in St Louis – May 23-25th

Show Me Weekend 2 (Ages 15s-17s) in Kansas City – May 22-24th

Lone Star Weekend 1 (Ages 11s,12s,13s,14s)  in Dallas – May 30th – June 1st

Mideast Weekend 2 (Ages ) in Indianapolis – May 30th – June 1st

Red Rock Rave Weekend 1 (18OUA, 17OUA, 16OUA) in Las Vegas – May 30th – June 1st

Red Rock Rave Weekend 2 (15OUA, 14OUA, 13OUA, 12NA, 11N) in Las Vegas – June 5-7th

Lone Star Weekend 2 (15ACSU) in Austin – June 5-7th

Lone Star Weekend 2 (15O, 16s, 17s)  in Dallas – June 6-8th

Northeast Weekend 1 (11N, 12NA, 13 OUA, 14 OUAC, 15 AC, 16C, 17C) in Philadelphia – June 6-8th

Big South in Atlanta – June 5-7th

Colorado Crossroads (16s-18s) in Denver – June 12-14th

Northeast Weekend 2 (15OU, 16OUA, 17OUA) in Philadelphia – June 12-14th

TBD Qualifiers

Far Western Qualifier in Reno

Cancelled Qualifiers

PNQ in Spokane

Status of Events at Skyline

Skyline Classic #6 (03/14) – Cancelled

Skyline Classic #7 (03/21) – Cancelled

Skyline Classic #8 (04/18) – Cancelled

Skyline Classic #9 (04/25) – Cancelled

All Team Practices Through April 30th per USAV Mandate

Club Prep and STARs Rescheduled to May 1st – June 5th

Lessons Through April 3rd

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