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We are proud to provide an experienced coaching staff specializing in all positions, skills and training. We have coaches that specialize in setting, middle hitting, outside hitting, passing, defense, blocking, conditioning, the mental game, transition, footwork, jump training, and core strengthening.

With the increasingly competitive environment of junior high, high school, and club volleyball, players can maintain and make gradual increases in their level of play through practices. Players who are able to put extra time in with their skill development are the ones who make the biggest and fastest jumps in improvement. Lessons are not essential, but are the best way to get individual attention needed to “fix” or improve areas of weaknesses.

Recommendation to receive the best value: Many of our athletes find the best value and results come from a combination of clinics/camps and lessons. We recommend scheduling a lesson every-other week to receive the specific instruction to meet your needs. Then follow the lessons with clinics and camps. Athletes can focus on the skills in the clinic/camp settings, but can also use that time to focus and practice on the disciplines the coach has identified in the lessons.

Lesson Pricing:
$70 for 55 minutes, if 1 participant per coach
$55 for 55 minutes, if 2 participants per coach
$45 for 55 minutes, if 3 participants per coach
$35 for 55 minutes, if 4 participants or more per coach

Skyline Lesson Procedures…IMPORTANT
– Please know that due to lesson demands, we cannot guarantee one-on-one lessons
– Please make payments directly to the coach…not to Skyline
– Once you sign up online, your status will be “Pending” until we assign you to a coach. Please do not come up to the facility unless your status is “Confirmed” or “Accepted”. You may login and click “My Schedule” to see your status.

* In iTeamApp.com, you can “Search By Coach” to see the times the coach you want is available.

All upcoming lessons hosted by Houston Skyline can be found on iTeamApp.com. Please check back often, as this list is updated often.

The mission of Skyline Juniors is to be one of the highest quality clubs in the nation that will go the extra mile to develop and showcase our young athletes. We will constantly strive to enable both our players and our coaches to reach their full potential.

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