College Commitments

Houston Skyline

 Congratulations to the following Houston Skyline athletes for their opportunity to take their skills to the next level!

Class of 2024 Commitments

Athlete Graduating Class College
Jaela Auguste 2024 University of Florida
Cayley Hanson 2024 Mississippi State University

Class of 2023 Commitments

Athlete Graduating Class College
Margot Manning 2023 University of Washington
Presley Powell 2023 Colorado School of Mines
Brooke Bentke 2023 Texas State University
Courtney O’Brien 2023 Texas Tech University
Ava Harrington 2023 Princeton University
Nina Terry 2023 Maryville University
Molly Tuozzo 2023 University of Kentucky
Tendai Titley 2023 Bradley University
Ella Folse 2023 Sam Houston State University
Alex Bull 2023 University of Texas at Arlington
Payton Woods 2023 Sam Houston State University
Layla Smith 2023 Boise State University
Renata Bolado 2023 Colorado School of Mines
Makenna Tryon 2023 Northwestern State University

Class of 2022 Commitments

Athlete Graduating Class College
Allie Sczech 2022 Baylor University
Maddie Waak 2022 Louisiana State University
Alexis Dacosta 2022 Baylor University
Morgan Perkins 2022 University of Oklahoma
Sophia Keene 2022 Baylor University
Ava Underwood 2022 Texas A&M University
Brielle Warren 2022 Purdue University
Logan Lednicky 2022 Texas A&M University
Gaby Mansfield 2022 Rice University
Avery Shimaitis 2022 Pepperdine University
Kailee Gims 2022 University of New Mexico
Kierstyn McFall 2022 University of North Florida
Sydney Whitfield 2022 Liberty University
Lindsey Kriendler 2022 University of New Hampshire
Bailey Hanner 2022 Texas State University
Jordan Gamble 2022 Northwestern State University
Nina Moorer 2022 University of Louisville
Briana Zamora 2022 Louisiana State University
Catalina Martinez 2022 University of Memphis
Chandler Lee 2022 University of New Orleans
Paige Bernstein 2022 Gardner-Webb University
Caroline Coyle 2022 Emory University
Fallon Thompson 2022 Gonzaga University
Mecca Freeman 2022 Bethune-Cookman University
Mia Medina 2022 University of St. Thomas

Class of 2021 Commitments

Athlete Graduating Class College
Ellie Echter 2021 Louisiana State University
Brooke Frazier 2021 Texas A&M University
Sania Petties 2021 Mississippi State University
Callie Cogdill 2021 University of Oklahoma
Cimone Woodard 2021 Howard University
Bria Woodard 2021 Howard University
Kingsley Wallace 2021 United States Military Academy West Point
Mekaila Aupiu 2021 University of Texas-San Antonio
Emily Adams 2021 University of Louisiana Monroe
Maddy Villarreal 2021 University of Louisiana Monroe
Lyla Traylor 2021 California State University, Fullerton
Amanda Planck 2021 Lenoir-Rhyne University
Annalie Heliste 2021 Wichita State University
Avery Reid 2021 East Texas Baptist University
Kailey Friedrich 2021 University of Louisiana Monroe
Macy Nugent 2021 University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Lara Verstovsek 2021 Brandeis University
Eva Fitzgerald 2021 University of St. Thomas
Rebekah Ober 2021 Schreiner University
Trinity Funderburk 2021 Stephen F. Austin

Class of 2020 Commitments

Athlete Graduating Class College
Madisen Skinner 2020 University of Kentucky
Dylan Maberry 2020 Louisiana State University
Reagan Rutherford 2020 University of Kentucky
Madalyn O‘Brien 2020 Texas Tech University
Trinity Watts 2020 Liberty University
Danyle Courtley 2020 Rice University
Nia McCardell 2020 Rice University
Claire Jeter 2020 Texas A&M University
Emerald Jacobs 2020 Florida A&M University
Aislan Lennon 2020 St. Mary’s University
Allie Griffith 2020 United States Air Force Academy
Emily Hawes 2020 University of Mississippi
Brooklyn Dacosta 2020 Hill College
Brooklynn Gamble 2020 University of Houston
Rachel Baxter 2020 University of Texas at Dallas
Teegan Walton 2020 North Lake College
Kenzie Mcneill 2020 Dallas Baptist University

Class of 2019 Commitments

Athlete Graduating Class College
Alex Glover 2019 Southern Methodist University
KJ Johnson 2019 Baylor University
Catherine Krieger 2019 Sam Houston State University
Audrey Tuttle 2019 Texas Tech University
Karli Rose 2019 Louisiana State University
Skyla Childs 2019 Prairie View A&M University
Kaitlin Sams 2019 Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
Kathleen Johnson 2019 Villanova University
Maiya Peña 2019 University of Texas at Tyler
Ashlyn Cianciulli 2019 Metropolitan State University of Denver
Elizabeth Ober 2019 Abilene Christian University
Amanda Meuth 2019 University of Houston
Jessica Mayer 2019 Southwestern University
Emma Reed 2019 Concordia University
Lindsay Winkler 2019 Glenville State College
Anna Smith 2019 Texas A&M International University

Class of 2018 Commitments

Athlete Graduating Class College
Aryel Odomes 2018 Dillard University
Lauren Williams 2018 University of Mary Hardin Baylor
Caylinn Davis 2018 East Stroudsburg University
Brianna Franklin 2018 University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Talya Monroe 2018 Texas Southern University
Zeyanna Dhalla 2018 College of William & Mary
Kayley Hollywood 2018 Kansas State University
Chandler Gorman 2018 University of Pittsburgh
CC Clausen 2018 University of South Florida
Molly Russell 2018 College of Charleston
Sophie Walls 2018 University of Miami

Class of 2017 Commitments

Athlete Graduating Class College
Kaylee Bundrick 2017 Colorado Christian University
Lauren Burt 2017 University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Raigen Cianciulli 2017 Louisiana State University
Camille Conner 2017 Texas A&M University
Kaylee Frazier 2017 North Carolina State University
Ashley Lewis 2017 Sam Houston State University
Katelyn Mueller 2017 Abilene Christian University
Sydney Perry 2017 Dillard University
Gia Petties 2017 West Texas A&M University
Ayana Robinson 2017 Dillard University
Avery Skinner 2017 University of Kentucky
Peyton Elizondo 2017 Caldwell University
Robin Poole 2017 Temple College
Jordan Allen 2017 Carnegie Mellon University
Grace Nielsen 2017 Pepperdine University

Class of 2016 Commitments

Athlete Name Class School
Rebekah Nemeth 2016 Yale University
Caitlin Clarke 2016 Wake Forest University
Shayla Eagleton 2016 Stephen F. Austin State University
Claire Karsten 2016 Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi
Mallory Nicholson 2016 University of Texas of the Permian Basin
Tulani Titley 2016 Angelo State University
Paige Swinney 2016 Sacramento State
Morgan Sampson 2016 Trinity University
Erin Mulcahey 2016 Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi
Cheyenne Huskey 2016 University of Florida
Haley Hood 2016 Wharton County Junior College
Brianna Edwards 2016 University of Texas of the Permian Basin
Channel Bradford 2016 Temple College
Meghan Doyle 2016 Tulane University

Class of 2015 Commitments

Athlete Graduating Class College
Margaret Connett 2015 Texas A&M University
Michaela Daniels 2015 University of Texas at Dallas
Lauren Fernandez-Miller 2015 University of St. Thomas
Channing Hankins 2015 St. Mary’s University
Amy Houser 2015 Texas A&M University
Brianna Kelly 2015 Hendrix College
Carson Pyle 2015 Hawaii Pacific University
Sarah Redding 2015 Texas Tech University
Carla Sganderlla 2015 Cornell University
Kelsey Smith 2015 Wharton County Junior Colllege
Kaylee Taff 2015 Austin Peay State University
Courtney Wheeler 2015 Hill College
Ashleigh Wostarek 2015 Concordia University

Class of 2014 Commitments

Athlete Graduating Class College
Mattie Behr 2014 Colorado School of Mines
Payton Brown 2014 University of South Florida
Amanda Coursey 2014 Texas A&M University – Commerce
Kendall Covington 2014 University of Pennsylvania
Ashley Dusek 2014 University of Kentucky
Morgan Eason 2014 Texas State University
Courtney Eckenrode 2014 University of Missouri
Harley Kelly 2014 University of Oklahoma
Morgan Kidd 2014 Temple College
Caroline Labanowski 2014 Harvard University
Brianna Lynch 2014 University of Houston
Keandra McCardell 2014 University of Houston
Caroline Owens 2014 Sewanee, The University of the South
Kelly Quinn 2014 Louisiana State University
Shayli Schulz 2014 New Mexico Highlands University
Courtney Tate 2014 Texas A&M University – Commerce
Krista Zieschang 2014 Mississippi College
Allyson Zuhlke 2014 Jacksonville State University

Class of 2013 Commitments

Athlete Graduating Class College
Christy Andrews 2013 Nyack College
Emily Tolliver 2013 Concordia University
Olivia Boutch 2013 Texas A&M University – Kingsville

Class of 2012 Commitments

Athlete Graduating Class College
Alex Bailey 2012 Clark Atlanta University
Kaitlyn Brooks 2012 Northwestern State University
Caroline Ciaccio 2012 University of San Diego
Danielle Farabee 2012 Clarkson University
Michelle Johnson 2012 Vernon College
Keeley Kainer 2012 Stephen F. Austin State University
Chanci Malonson 2012 LeTourneau University
McKenzie Martin 2012 Queens University
Lydia McKay 2012 Texas Tech University
Caroline Montgomery 2012 Sewanee, The University of the South
Macey Pool 2012 Southwestern University
Ashley Ramirez 2012 Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Kylie Schott 2012 University of Texas – San Antonio
Ali Smith 2012 Western State College of Colorado
Michelle Adams 2012 Villanova University

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