Skyline Club-Prep League

Houston Skyline Juniors

Skyline Club-Prep

The league spans 6 weeks, 1 day per week. It will include 1 day of practice and team placement, and then 5 days of team practice and competition. Each session is 2 hours.

Teams will practice for the first hour and then play against an opponent for the second hour.

This is the best opportunity for young players to train and enhance skills as well as learn how to compete, use good sportsmanship, and enhance volleyball match knowledge. Coaches will be provided.

Club-Prep Teams

Have a team already formed? Great! Simply add your team name during the registration process on iTeamApp

Each player will need to register. Teams will need a minimum of 9 players and have a maximum of 11 players.

Only have 6 players? Don’t worry! Other members can be added to your team after the team placement day.

Don’t have a team? Simply register online and you will be placed on a team after the placement practice.

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